Friday, January 23, 2009

Choosing Your Web Development Partner

When shopping for your website, how do you choose which Web Development company to go with? Do I go with the big company with their expansive portfolio or do I go with the smaller studios and their customer centric approach?
Well here are a few pointers to take note before you sign on the dotted line:

1. Credentials - Make a shortlist of web design companies with potential
2. Experience - Spend some time looking at their portfolios and Testimonials
3. Contact - Are they local? Meet them and see if you like them.
4. Make sure they understand business (not just how to build a website)
5. Vision - Do they understand how to target customers?
6. Shop around - Make your final assessment of their proposal and cost
7. Contract - Ensure a detailed contract with timelines is agreed
8. Ongoing Support - Will it cost, is it available 24 hours a day?

There is also a list of Website Design and Development awards that you can have a look out for when choosing your Web Development Partner such as:

Digital Media Awards
Golden Spider Awards
Inspired Awards
Favourite Website Awards
Interactive Media Awards
Web Awards
Webby Awards

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