Friday, February 26, 2010

Plan my Interior Portal Build to perfection!

Their mission statement "To provide professionally designed interior layout plans at an affordable price."
We meet with Jordi and the team to build their new online interior design portal. They wanted a simple, friendly and fresh way for their customers to order plans for any type of interior design project.
Up stepped our Website Content Management Solution product to the rescue! We added a few add-ons to enable Jordi and the team manage orders and project builds simply.
As Jordi said when went live ahead of schedule, just brilliant lads, just brilliant!
Project went live ahead of schedule and we even gave a nice discount! Was it value for money?
See for yourself

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plan your life!

Brian wanted a portal to allow a range of people to plan their fitness, diet and general health and wealth being. Allowing them to take control and plan for life! We delivered our UNBRANDED content management solution and built a completely custom case management and regime tracking system. Fancy something new this year well why not try and plan for life!

We touched gold!

They guys asked us to design and build their website for them. They wanted something that spoke of gold and that worked like a charm. See how we touched gold.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Travel to Morroco

Rachel wanted us to design and build a website for her Moroccan travel agency. She wanted to be able to edit all her pages, to be able to add unlimited pages. So we delivered UNBRANDED our content management solution. Fancy going to Morocco?