Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Your Business Needs A Website

In the ancient times, it was simple and easy to conduct business. The relationship between the sellers and buyers was direct and simple. There was no need of advertisement or promotion of products and services. In the later stage of societal evolution and civilization development, the equation between the sellers and buyers changed dramatically.

Today, in the competitive business environment, every seller depends on product promotion, advertisement and campaigns while launching new products and services in the market in order to attract the attention of their prospective customers.

The widespread use of the Internet has enabled many people to carry out their day to day activities quickly and efficiently. In this fast paced life, where time is considered as money, 95% of your targeted customers prefer searching for relevant information on the Internet. As a result, many companies have shifted their attention from the traditional campaign methods to the modern Internet marketing tool.

Hence, building website is considered to be the most important step among all the campaign methods adopted by the companies to reach their classified customers today. Designing a website can work in many ways for you.

To begin with, it act as virtual shop where your prospective customers will not only get ample information about your products and their possible benefits, they will also be able to buy the products and services they desire instantly. The entire transaction process becomes time as well as cost effective both for you and your buyers. Ideally, having a website in place would benefit you in the following ways:
  1. It is convenient for your buyers to transact with you quickly as and when they like. Hence, they will come back to you every time they decide to buy your products.
  2. Your website makes your business accessible to your prospective customers from around the world irrespective of their geographical situation. Hence, your business gets universal exposure which enhances your revenue generation.
  3. A website has proved itself as the most effective promotional tool at publishing ideas. While you have to spend a fortune on traditional promotional methods such as brochures and television ads just to inform your prospective customers about the potential benefits of your products and services, you can do the same with designing a website with no extra cost. The website is the perfect tool for publishing ideas and letting your customers know what you have to offer them.
  4. It is your website that helps you keep track of the number of your website visitors and their geographic location. You can also calculate the conversion rate of your business and tailor your business accordingly to boost its performance further.
When building a website for your business becomes all that critical, choosing the right website design service provider becomes ever more critical. At ideabubble, an Irish web design company, we help companies design efficient websites to help them boost their business performance.

Our website design plans are not only cost effective but also effective enough for increasing the online presence of your business. We build websites with brand-new and redefined approaches using all the efficient tools to help increase the performance of your business and generate revenue as well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Little Oak Glass is launched

We were asked to create a simple, colourful and translucent website for Little Oak Glass Studio. We started with their logo, moved to their website and completed with their business card. All designed, developed, printed and delivered to their doorstep! we feel is a sparkling result!

Friday, June 13, 2008

How Logo Design Impacts The Brand Identity of Your Business

Brand identity is the very soul of a business organisation's image. In today's competitive business environment, branding plays a crucial role in introducing a business and building that very first impression which decides the fate of the business. Factors such as promotion, positioning, products and services, customer care services contribute individually to the sum total of the brand of a business organisation. This being said, while promotion and positioning are the stepping stone to the brand building, they assume greater importance in the designing of a website.

In the age of the Internet marketing, where 95% of your prospective customers search for your products and services using search engines and take barely ten seconds to judge your website from its look and feel, designing an attractive website has become only inevitable.

Logo is the pictorial embodiment of your brand identity, and you can't afford to mess it up. Since it appeals to the emotional side of your targeted consumers, you should consider an efficient logo design company that can understand the inherent ethics of your business and create a logo that lasts through the lifetime of your business. When the concept of logo design becomes so important, web design Ireland companies such as ideabubble fit the bill. At ideabubble, a professional web design and logo design company, we understand that the vision of our clients and create logo designs that best suit their products, services, ethics and mottos.

Logo design is an important undertaking and you can ill afford to upset your clients by designing a logo that doesn't depict their business well. At ideabubble, we are blessed with some of the most talented and experienced logo designers, graphic designers and website designers in the industry who create great logos for our customers. Our design team has an ideal blend of creativity, designing prowess and brand understanding from marketing standpoint. It is no wonder then why we have been able to deliver some of the most appealing logo design products for our clients in a short span of time.

Whether you are launching a brand-new product or service in the market, or promoting an existing one, selecting a professional web design company such as us can help you establish the brand identity of your business through creating logo designs that speak volumes of your business ethics and leave a positively lasting impact on your consumers mind.

In short, we'll help your dream come true.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vital Components of Good Web Design Services

Profit-making is the raison d'etre of every entrepreneur around the world. However, sustaining a business and boosting its profit has become tougher with the emergence of more and more competitors in the marketplace. Prudent and proactive businessmen are taking appropriate measures to promote themselves distinctively and building an attractive, interactive and customer-friendly website is one of these effective measures. This is precisely why quite a few business organisations are seeking web site design services. However, not all web site design services are alike, and one must be aware of the pitfalls of choosing inefficient web design service providers. I would like to share some knowledge on what the ideal features good web designs are, and how to select the right web site design service in Ireland. Let's take a look:

A professional and experienced web site designer in Ireland should be able to understand the specific objectives, products and services of your business. Usually, web site design companies in Ireland should know the essential components of a website. For instance, they should be familiar with logo design and graphic design. Today, designing a website has become inclusive of designing an appropriate logo and selecting a matching graphic design for your website. As prospective customers have become smarter and more discerning now-a-days, it's essential to design a website that should win the heart of your visitors or prospective buyers.

In the competitive scenario, logo design has emerged as a very essential constituent of web site design. A logo is the insignia of your business identity; in fact, designing a logo is the very first step to building a brand which the most critical element of enhancing the image and popularity of your business. We, at ideabubble, believe in offering our clients' business a unique identity by creating logos, thereby helping them create their brand awareness and distinctive identity in the market.

Graphics amplify the look and feel of your website and help you make a strong and impressive presentation of your business. Indeed, it is very difficult to create an appealing website without the application of graphics. However, the graphic designer must know how to use it creatively and judiciously; else, it can kill the very purpose of using it. Using unnecessarily heavy graphics, for instance, will hinder search engine crawlers from crawling your web pages which, in turn, will affect the visibility of your website.

We, at ideabubble, an experienced and professional web site design company in Ireland, know how to design user-friendly web sites, create the most suitable logo for your business and blend it perfectly with the theme of your website with easy yet compelling graphic design services. Our experienced of team of graphic designers, logo designers and web developers work in tandem to create magic for your website, helping you promote your website dramatically.

We would be delighted to discuss what you have in mind and what we can do for you.

Friday, June 06, 2008

How an Irish Web Design Company Can Help You in Search Engine Optimisation

As more and more of your prospective customers are using search engines to find their desired products and services online, the concept of search engine optimisation has become the most critical tool of online business promotion for many webmasters around the world. The foundation of a successful online business is built upon two critical factors - a well-designed website and the search engine optimisation services. While you need a professional Irish web design company to help you out in building a website end to end, you also require the search engine optimisation services to optimise your website to boost its visibility in major search engines today.

A professional and experienced Irish web design company, such as our ourselves, will design your website according to the specific need and theme of your business's activities. Many Irish web design companies are increasingly realising the importance of designing websites in conformity to the search engine optimisation norms. Hence, when you choose a web design company to design your website with optimisation in mind, your website naturally becomes search engine friendly.

Creating a brand is the most critical step to making a business successful. We understand the significance of building websites from a search engine optimisation standpoint. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to optimise your website to push it up in the search engine ranking pages of leading search engines. Certain aspects of your websites such as whether you should use Java scripts and flash images on your website become very critical when you take search engine optimisation into consideration. As a matter of fact, for instance, the leading search engine Google has designed its crawler in such a way that it doesn't crawl flash pages very well and not at all in some cases. We are aware of these intricacies of search engine optimisation and therefore, design your website so as that you can achieve the best results in search engine optimisation.

Designing an attractive website and promoting a website by adopting search engine optimisation strategies are equally important. When your business is riddled with so many challenges, the best way to beat them is to build a website that represents you in the most effective manner. This is where we can assist you immensely.

At ideabubble, web design is not just a service, it's a passion. We understand the specific needs of you, the client; we build websites that stand out not only in terms of look and feel, but also in ranking higher and quicker in the major search engines on the Internet.

We would be happy to discuss your website's needs and suggest how to get your site highly ranked in the major search engines.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vacuum Systems goes online

We launch Murphy Enterprises new site The brief was to take a strong product driven approach with health and general information on Vacuum systems to be available to people considering purchasing the system.