Friday, April 17, 2009

Idea Generation

If you are trying to find that all important innovation to an existing product or service that will set you head and shoulders above your competitors. Or maybe even coming up with a brand new product that will rock the market place, here are some simple techniques that will help you on your journey.
Brainstorming is a group activity where you listen to and build on the ideas of others. Try not to think of ownership of ideas, look at ideas as sources for new ideas even the most outrageous ideas as these may suggest something new and feasible.

Other approaches where ideas have been tried already
Attribute listing
List each attributes/feature of a product or service and one by one alter each attribute to come up with a totally new product
Forced relationships
Pick objects/items/features and relate them to each other
Problem recognition
Anticipating a future problem in the market place and creation of a product that caters for that problem.
Rapid prototyping
Transforming an idea into an actual product will point out flaws and lead to improvements.

And remember when you do come up with the next best thing since the pause button on our remote controls, remember to protect it!!
Forms of Intellectual Property Rights
  1. Patents - new products or processes containing a new principle or idea
  2. Designs - the shape or configuration of an article
  3. Copyright - new literature, music, drawings, artistic works, computer software
  4. Trademarks - distinctive names for products used to connect the promotion to the supplier
  5. Knowhow - the secret or proprietary information on producing products or technical assistance, not registered

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